Murray City Hall

Murray City initially retained the services of a development company to relocate its city hall and fire station. During the early process, the city realized that it needed an overall master plan for the area to place the city hall. Murray City selected MOCA Services as its Owner’s Representative to review the demographic data and growth projections with the intent to create a facility master plan for them, including the 120,000 square foot, $25M city hall complex with library, a 600+ car garage, and a 21,000 square foot fire station.

MOCA Services worked with the city and the Redevelopment Agency to develop a comprehensive master plan that included a set of design guidelines, a budget, and a schedule for the development of the city’s facilities including the fire station, city hall, and library. 

Value Added

MOCA Services successfully created managed a project team that is collaboratively navigating the unforeseen challenges of COVID and the supply chain interruptions.  The project met and exceeded the budget and schedule challenges using innovative management strategies including proactively pre-purchasing materials and equipment and implementing atypical site construction solutions around the unforeseen site challenges. The Murray City Hall Office Building is a notable example of the benefits of MOCA’s Continuous Alignment and CMR processes.

“From the initial planning stages to the final touches, your team’s expertise and attention to detail were evident throughout the entire process. I appreciate the professionalism and collaboration exhibited by your team.  Your open communication, responsiveness, and ability to address our concerns and suggestions have made the process enjoyable.”

Doug Hill, Chief Administrative Officer of Murray City’s Mayor, Brett A. Hales

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