Rapid Risk Reduction Services for Large Construction Projects

Less than one percent of large projects completely fulfill the owner’s requirements for Schedule, Spend, and Scope.   

Warning Signs of a Project at Risk: 

  • Chronic schedule slips 
  • Major unexpected delays 
  • More production tasks in progress than completed 
  • Lack of specific progress updates from contractors 
  • Missing critical paperwork/project documentation 
  • Trade Stacking 
  • Discrepancies between CPM and Production Planning  
  • Rework caused by trade/task misalignment
  • Budget imbalance 
  • Pushback on design costs 
  • High contractor bids 
  • Unexpected square footage increase 
  • Missed architect deadlines 
  • Lack of schedule validation 

MOCA911 eliminates these and other project risks with interdisciplinary expertise in Owner’s Representation, Cost Estimating, Program and Project Management, Facilities Condition Assessment, Production Planning, Guided Collaboration, and more.  

Rapid Response Services

Our rapid response team collaborates with Owners, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and other project stakeholders to identify, document, and address the key threats to completing large projects on time, on budget, and fulfilling all requirements. 

Cost Management 

  • Review and analyze budgets, market conditions, and schedule impacts to develop cost-effective solutions. 
  • Provide accurate concept estimates, evaluate alternative designs, and manage project costs to stay within budget. 
  • Offer independent cost estimates for change orders and claims, ensuring comprehensive support for project negotiations. 

Schedule Management 

  • Provide thorough schedule analysis and claims assessment.
  • Validate contractor recovery plans.
  • Coordinate schedule risk reduction options.
  • Align schedules and optimize workflows for on-time, within-budget project delivery.
  • Monitor project progress to ensure the schedule stays on track.

Program Management 

  • Improve governance, communication, and collaboration. 
  • Address systemic issues and enhance project structure. 
  • Implement proven solutions to keep projects on track. 
  • Reallocate funds to regain budgetary control through contingency release management. 

Production Management 

  • Address misalignments between master schedules and field plans. 
  • Utilize MSI’s Touchplan® platform to standardize planning processes. 
  • Improve workflows and enhance resource management. 
  • Provide ongoing support, review project analytics, and identify improvement areas to optimize construction efficiency and value. 

Why Choose MOCA911? 

MOCA911 draws on MSI’s two decades of experience in risk reduction services for mission-critical projects with US Defense and Intelligence agencies, plus numerous State and Local governments, and now brings these “MIL-SPEC” skills to large commercial projects. MOCA911 is a force multiplier for owners’ finance and risk managers, helping them identify and resolve issues with planning, scheduling, budgeting, execution, stakeholder cooperation, and scope fulfillment that can affect even the most well-managed projects.