Planning and Programming

Your Partner in Preconstruction

The MOCA Services’ Planning and Programming team works with Owners through all phases of the project development process. We lay the groundwork and complete the necessary steps to move to the design and construction process. Our experienced team helps you assess existing facilities on your property and can create a master development plan and execute predesign work. All elements of preconstruction are essential to arranging construction funding. 

The most important decisions that influence the outcome of any project are made at the very beginning. That means that we engage in collaborative exploration at the earliest possible point and communicate the importance of these principles to your design and construction team. They become project imperatives, essential to meeting your expectations, regardless of how events unfold.

Our work covers a variety of commercial, state, municipal, K-12, and higher education projects. We also have extensive experience with planning and programming for Federal Government projects.

What Makes Us Different

Early Alignment  

We join you from the very beginning. Our in-house team of planners, project managers, architects, engineers, and cost and schedule professionals host thorough planning charettes and vision sessions where we help Owners define their design requirements and plan what services are needed to complete the preconstruction phase. 

Unmatched Industry Experience  

Our team has extensive experience in the planning and programming space and have spent years working to improve the Architectural Engineering and Construction industry.  

A-List Team, Every Time  

All too often, the A-list resumes included in a proposal do not represent who will ultimately complete the work. With MOCA Services, you know exactly who you’re working with from the start and will always be in the hands of an industry veteran.