Facility Condition Assessment


Assessing the conditions of properties within your real estate portfolio can be complicated, requiring input from multiple parties and then aggregating that data into one coherent source. This information is vital to fund building improvements to meet growth needs. Doing assessments incorrectly or inconsistently will lead to inaccurate reporting on your facility. 

MOCA Services’ Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) team and our software platform, MOCAPlan®, allow you to run your property assessment autonomously to obtain the most accurate information.  

What Makes Us Different  

An Established and Experienced Team 

Our mission is to help owners make informed capital improvement decisions across their portfolio of assets. Our team consists of property assessors with experience in a wide range of facility condition assessment services to assist in funding validation and preparing budget statements. 

Proven Process 

Our software, MOCAPlan®, refines the information-gathering process for assessing buildings. MOCAPlan® collects all building condition information in a single, easy-to-use platform. The result is a thorough and cost-effective analysis of building conditions, allowing clients to prioritize projects and develop successful capital plans. 

In addition to our proprietary process, we offer a suite of services including:  

  • Request for Proposal material preparation  
  • Database preparation for upcoming assessments 
  • Cost estimating services 
  • Assessment team training and calibration  
  • Custom dashboard and report creation  
  • Site license delivery  
  • Software customization to meet requirements 
  • Solutions for integrating with other software 

We’re Ready to Help 

Our FCA team and MOCAPlan® deliver consistency to your assessment processes and preparation for the funding and development planning that lies ahead. Connect with us to learn more.