The Texas A&M University System

RELLIS Campus 

The Technology Innovation and Modernization Catalyst (TIMC) is a research facility designed specifically for all things autonomous that brings together 10 different research departments into one space. The facility is highly collaborative to avoid duplicated research work and to share learning.

The focal point of the facility is a large prep bay surrounded by workbenches that allow the fitting and testing of autonomous sensors on buses, diesels, cars, robots, airplanes, helicopters, and agricultural equipment. The space also includes a large 1/10-scaled model space for interaction of ground and aerial drones. A retractable roof allows the aerial drones to fly to the heights within FAA guidelines. The viewing balcony into the prep bay also doubles as a test track for scaled ground vehicles.  

MOCA Services helped stakeholders prioritize the elements that were most important to project success during the programming phase. These elements were then delineated into guiding principles that became a governance framework for decision-making throughout the project life cycle. This enabled the Texas A&M System to make quick and clear decisions as events unfolded. 

More Projects

MOCA Services works on some of the most influential, innovative, and challenging design and construction projects worldwide. We are the consultant of choice for the Federal Government and the subject matter experts for State Capitol renovations. Our team works on some of the most culturally significant and architectural challenging projects in the United States. In the commercial sector, we assist in the planning and execution of large, complex projects to ensure on-time and on-budget project delivery.