Why work with us


We align projects for success.

We understand the hard business of interlacing design and construction, and, most important, how to develop processes that enhance the effectiveness of project teams by bringing knowledge and activities together at the right time. Ultimately, we know how to manage risk and responsibility as a project unfolds, even when unpredictable events occur.

We have developed an approach that we call Early Project Definition and Alignment. This process defines quality, identifies scope, manages the cost, and delivers on schedule. Our team is experienced and well-versed in the process of design and construction management. We focus our initial energy on making sure that your project is clearly defined and that the stakeholder expectations are in alignment by creating a highly collaborative and trusting process. This results in a highly successful project.

The MOCA Difference.

Leadership that facilitates and supports the contributions of an extended project team also directs, monitors, and reports on the project. It is leadership that understands the sequence of decision-making and passes the baton of authority to the right person at the right time. It is leadership that understands the different work ethics and value judgments that have traditionally caused conflict between designers and builders, and understands how to leverage the talents of each. Ultimately, leadership knows how to manage collaboration, innovation, and creativity. At MOCA, we strive to bring leadership to our client’s most challenging projects.

Our process

Early Project Definition Phase, a collaborative process between MOCA and the client; it is divided into four specific activities.

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The Implementation Phase of the project includes four important phases that will assist the owner as well as the design and construction team with the complete understanding of the project.

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Prior to the Occupancy and Warranty Phase, and as the project nears completion there are many activities that we can provide leadership on that the owner would normally oversee.

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Our services

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Planning & Programming

We provide early project planning, facility programing and planning, and master planning to align our client’s large, complex, and politically sensitive projects.

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Owner’s Representative

We provide design management, construction management and project transition planning in support of our clients guiding principles.

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Project Controls

We provide cost, schedule and risk management services, which include both the development and reconciliation of changes during both design and construction.

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Technology & Software

We provide innovative custom web based technology solutions to support our planning/programming and Owner Representative services.

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