Our leadership.

Leadership is critical to any successful project. Our leadership facilitates and supports team collaboration and the contributions of an extended project team. We recognize the sequence of decision-making, and know how to leverage the talents of each group. Ultimately, we understand how to inspire collaboration, innovation, and creativity, which are required to define and align every successful project.

Meet the team

Sandy Hamby, AIA, CCM


Ms. Hamby has 30 years of experience in program, energy and construction management. Since 2010, Sandy has been involved with alternative project delivery methods including Lean Construction.

Michael Carr

President of Software Products Division

Mr. Carr is the President of MOCA’s software products division, Touchplan and a co-founder of MOCA. He has 20 years of construction management experience with significant expertise in project controls and currently leads the development of Touchplan.

Steve Essig, PE, CCE

Executive Vice President of Services Division

Mr. Essig has 30 years of experience in cost estimating and project controls for project planning, programming, and engineering on over $30 billion in school and government construction projects.

David Hart, FAIA

Executive Vice President of Services Division

Mr. Hart has 35 years of experience in program management, architecture and design of large and complex projects including government facilities, educational facilities, capitol renovations and office buildings.

Dan Leary

Executive Vice President of Software Products Division

Since 2013 Mr. Leary has developed the server side of MOCA’s Touchplan product, a web application for the construction industry. He attended MIT and is co-author of several US patents.

Dave Andrews, CCP

Vice President

Mr. Andrews has 31 years of experience in cost estimating, value engineering, facility programming, facility design, and project management for a wide variety of commercial and Government construction.

Andy Calkins, CCP, PMP

Vice President

Mr. Calkins has over 20 years of project management and construction management experience for DoD, federal, and private sector clients on over $2 billion in construction projects.

Paul Ernst

Vice President

Mr. Ernst has 24 years of experience in facility and program construction management on over $1 billion in school and government construction and renovation projects throughout the country.

Diane Glass, PMP, PE

Vice President

Ms. Glass has over 20 years of experience leading teams to provide continuous process improvement, innovative information technology, construction management, and customer service solutions on federal construction projects.

Chiti Ho, MCP

Vice President of Technology

Mr. Ho is a recognized innovative leader with 27 years of experience in engineering and software development focused on the integration of program, facility and energy management.

Elizabeth Long

Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Software Products Division

Ms. Long has been leading teams to success for over 10 years. A key contributor for MOCA’s Software Products Division, she has grown with the company, tackling everything from customer support and strategic account management to marketing and organizational development.

Jim Phayre, CPA

Vice President, Finance & Administration

Mr. Phayre has 20 years of experience serving in a variety of senior financial management roles in the design and construction industry as well as software and biotech industries.

David Rolin

Vice President of Customer Experience

Mr. Rolin loves Lean, customers, and seeing teams achieve their goals with Touchplan. He’s been a key contributor to the Software Products Division since its inception, and is a bit of a Renaissance man, equally at home debugging code with the engineering team, designing features with the product team, and helping customers achieve the most value with the Customer Success team.

Michael Sullivan

Vice President of Professional Services, Software Products Division

Mr. Sullivan has 25 years of manufacturing and construction management experience. He is a LEAN construction expert and helps Touchplan teams identify process improvements, plan and deliver construction projects to reduce waste and increase efficiencies.