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Technology to Support Building Data

MOCA’s programming team has a long history of assisting clients with the management of building data. We provide software options to clients in the form of MOCA designed software. We use Internet based dashboards to provide real-time reporting on client’s project status and data sharing.

We work with a range of industry standard planning, cost, schedule and risk analysis software, and can customize all to fit a client’s data management needs. In many instances, a client has existing financial and/or building maintenance software that requires integration with their building program. We work with clients to map data from these systems to MOCA software or off-the shelf products to provide a cohesive product and reporting structure for their buildings and financial data.


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A facility assessment is a snap shot of the facility physical and functional condition of existing facilities. The objectives are to provide a plan to strategically and efficiently reduce the current backlog of deferred maintenance, enhance facility planning capabilities and help present and future budget. Some of the minor deficiencies identified may also be executed immediately in the work order system.

Designed for facility planning, MOCAPlan provides a quick, simple and accurate way to inventory, estimate and track facility deficiencies. It provides clear, understandable information that can help justify requests for funding and can become the foundation for a capital renewal program. MOCAPlan streamlines the assessment process by providing the user with web-based system.


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MOCA Manage is designed as a program management software and provide project-level detail information. The software is programmed as an intuitive and “executive” friendly web based application. It is designed with the following main features and can be customized for the project needs:

  • Provides a central repository of information
  • Rolls up data into program reports
  • Tailored to the unique structure and workflow of the organization
  • Belongs to the owner and is available to staff without complex and expensive licensing and data ownership issues
  • Provides program metrics and trend analysis



TouchPlan is a web application that integrates jobsite planning, scheduling and task management for owners, designers, contractors and lean practitioners.

Designed for the entire project life cycle, TouchPlan brings flexibility to planning and scheduling with a simple, collaborative, touch-enabled interface where project members interact using virtual ‘sticky notes’.

Tasks are automatically scheduled with drag & drop and sync across devices in real time. Team members can focus on the tasks that matter without wasting time or abandoning their schedule. →  Learn more


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The MOCABuild construction simulation software originated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The program provides multiple simulations that account for market readjustment and labor issues. The program helps owners program, plan, design, and execute programs in the shortest timeframes and most cost-effective manner.

Our services

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Planning & Programming

We provide early project planning, facility programing and planning, and master planning to align our client’s large, complex, and politically sensitive projects.

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Owner’s Representative

We provide design management, construction management and project transition planning in support of our clients guiding principles.

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Project Controls

We provide cost, schedule and risk management services, which include both the development and reconciliation of changes during both design and construction.

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Technology & Software

We provide innovative custom web based technology solutions to support our planning/programming and Owner Representative services.

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