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As an Owner Representative, we provide solutions to our client’s most challenging projects. We do this through a process that includes a broad range of services that we refer to as “Early Project Definition and Alignment. This process, when implemented from the beginning of the project, will establish and align together the qualitative and quantitative elements of each project described by quality, scope, cost and time.

Early Project Definition Phase

Early Project Definition Phase is a collaborative process between MOCA and the client, designed to identify the owner expectations for quality, scope, budget and schedule and to prepare for the selection of the A/E/C teams at completion.

Our-Process-Early Project Definition Phase-Vision Workshops

Vision Workshops

Vision workshops that identify the owner’s guiding principles for the project. These become the foundation on which all tangible elements of the project are built upon.

Our-Process-Early Project Definition Phase-Project Definition and Design Guidelines

Project Definition and Design Guideline

Collaborative workshops with the owner and stakeholders identify the issues and elements in the project that they care the most about. The design guidelines will include both qualitative elements, such as how the facility will look and feel, and the quantitative elements of the building systems and how they are to perform. These guidelines will be collected and organized using MOCAAlign.

Our-Process-Early Project Definition Phase-Procurement Matrix and Program Master Plan

Procurement Matrix and Program Master Plan

Following the development of the design guidelines, a Procurement Matrix will be developed that compares the various project delivery methods in order to identify the one that has the highest degree of probability for success. MOCA will develop a project budget and schedule that will be aligned with the guiding principles for the project. Once the project’s quality, scope, budget, and schedule are aligned, we develop an overall comprehensive program master plan for implementing the designed process that will lead to the success of the project.

Our-Process-Early Project Definition Phase-Solicitation Documents and Management

Solicitation Documents and Management

Following the Program Master Plan, the solicitation documents (RFQ/RFP) will be developed outlining the specific elements identified in the procurement matrix.


Implementation Phase

The Implementation Phase of the project includes four important elements that will both assist the design and construction team with the complete understanding of the owner expectations for the project.

Our Process-Implementation Phase-Scoping Workshops and Decision Impacts

Scoping Workshops and Decision Impacts

Using the design guidelines developed in definition phase as the starting point, workshops will be organized around common guidelines to communicate the guiding principles and expectations of the owner and stakeholders to the design and construction teams.

Our-Process-Implementation Phase-Design-Imperative-Summary Documents

Design Imperatives and Summary Documents

Following each of the design scoping workshops, a summary session will be held with the owner, design team, and contractor (if selected). Facilitated by MOCA, the summary session will review the outcome and document the process. Budget and schedule impacts from the workshop are reviewed and reconciled to maintain alignment and balance. Design imperatives are created incorporating agreed upon decisions on quality, scope, cost and schedule, which are then inserted into the design guidelines as supplemental documents.

Our Process-Implementation Phase-Design-Management-Cost Reconciliation

Design Management and Cost Reconciliation

Once the scoping workshops are complete, we organize a weekly meeting with the steering committee, design teams and construction teams to review progress and provide input to the design process. During each of the standard design phases, MOCA will provide estimates, and a cost and schedule reconciliation workshop will be held to assure the owner that the project is achieving the quality and scope for the budget and schedule identified.

Our Process-Implementation Phase-Construction-Management-Cost-Schedule

Construction Management of Cost and Schedule

As the project moves from design into construction, continued support will be provided to our onsite representative(s). Our role will be to support the owner during the construction process. By representing the contractual provisions under which the contractor and architects agreed upon, we keep the owner abreast of construction activities, and cost and schedule impacts and updates.


Completion Phase

Prior to and during the Completion Phase, as the project nears completion, there are many activities that MOCA will provide leadership and guidance on for the owner.

Our Process-Completion Phase-Transition Planning and Occupancy Move-in

Transition Planning and Occupancy Move-in

From the guiding principles, the design guidelines, and from working with the occupants prior to completion, MOCA develops move and relocation transition plans early in the process, which will be implemented at the right time. We provide training on systems or processes that are requested, as well as create user information as a reference guild for the new building.

Our Process-Completion-Phase-Warranty Services

Warranty Services

The resolution of warranty related issues following the conclusion of a project is challenging. As part of our services, we manage the warranty work as well as work with the contractor to complete the outstanding construction related items.

Our Process-Completion-Phase-Facility Management Life Cycle Management

Facility Management and Life-cycle Management

All facilities go through transitions and changes over time. Helping owner’s evaluate management programs and processes for how the building will be maintained can greatly extend the life of the facility.

Our-Process-Completion-Phase-Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Condition Assessment

As buildings age, there are many elements that must be repaired or modified. We are skilled at providing facility condition assessments and in providing the cost estimates associated with remodels and renovations. Utilizing our software MOCAPlan, we collect facility condition information in an organized fashion. Once the facility condition data is loaded into MOCAPlan, we provide the owner with a complete condition assessment of what needs and associated costs should be undertaken to extend the life of the facility. This is displayed in a dashboard for ease of use by boards or commissions.


Our services

Our-Services-Planning and Programming-Purple Icon

Planning & Programming

We provide early project planning, facility programing and planning, and master planning to align our client’s large, complex, and politically sensitive projects.

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Our Services-Owners Representative-Orange Icon

Owner’s Representative

We provide design management, construction management and project transition planning in support of our clients guiding principles.

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Project Controls

We provide cost, schedule and risk management services, which include both the development and reconciliation of changes during both design and construction.

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Technology & Software

We provide innovative custom web based technology solutions to support our planning/programming and Owner Representative services.

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