West Texas A&M Underclassman Hall

As a sub-consultant to WestEast Design Group, MOCA worked with West Texas A&M University on the design the second phase of new residence halls for underclassman students.

MOCA helped to determine how the program could be adjusted to provide an on time and on budget facility for the second dormitory. We used our construction simulation tool MOCABuild to provide a full analysis of on time on budget performance at the beginning of the second dormitory project. As a result, the project team was able to understand the constraints that would prevent success and respond proactively. Additionally, the contractor responded with a proactive approach to avoid the delay problems that existed in the construction of the first residence hall.

MOCA provided the following services:

  • Planning/Programming
  • Cost Engineering and Project Controls

Client: Texas A&M University System
Project Type:
Completion: 2013