Salt Lake County District Attorney's Building

West Jordan District Attorney Building
Downtown location under construction
Downtown location under construction
West Jordan District Attorney Executive Office
West Jordan District Attorney Executive Office

The Salt Lake County Mayor’s office and the County Council authorized the design and construction of two office buildings for the County District Attorney’s Office and hired MOCA as the Program Manager/Owner’s Agent (Owner’s Representative). The two facilities support the north and south portions of the County. The 100,000 SF downtown building, including both surface and structured parking, will be part of a three acre multi-use development in an urban setting. The 35,000 SF West Jordan facility will be built in a suburban setting and provide shell space to the anticipated growth of the southern portion of the county. Both projects are being designed to meet or exceed the LEED Gold standard. Salt Lake County has asked that the building is designed with low energy standards for a future use of a Solar Energy System and a transition into “Net Zero Energy”.

Most critical to the project success is the alignment of the project delivery method with the County and DA Office Buildings goals and objectives. With the selection of the designer and builder, MOCA will manage the project process from design and construction through commissioning and closeout.

As the Owner’s Representative (OPM), MOCA is providing the following services:

  • Planning and Programming
  • Procurement Development and Selection
  • Cost Engineering and Project Controls

Client: Salt Lake County
Project Type: State
Completion: In progress