Alignment – The Key to Project Success!

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During a recent conversation with a potential client, I was reminded of just how important aligning the seemingly small but important elements of a project are to the overall outcome of that project. As Owner’s Representatives and Program/Project Managers, we are more often than not called upon to help an owner with a complex project that is either in trouble and is dangerously close to being cancelled or has been stopped. This is usually due to the inability of the team to stay within budget, provide the required scope or meet the expectations of the stakeholders. As we study the reasons for why these projects developed problems or fail, we find that the project was misaligned from the beginning. These unaligned projects carry serious consequences for the owner and their stakeholders.

These problems can be avoided. Providing leadership that aligns the quality expectations of the owner/stakeholders and the desired scope with the budget and schedule, establishes these four elements of a project from the initial outset. It then requires proactive leadership to maintain alignment as the project moves through design and construction. This is the key to a successful project!

This blog is devoted to providing knowledge leadership on project alignment to owners and stakeholders. If you are in the process of considering a new project, we would suggest that you “Call MOCA First!

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